Biometric Authentication and Security using Fingerprint recognition Face recognition Voice recognition

Ardeun Biometric Authentication and Monitor Summary


Recognized worldwide as a leading Biometric Technology firm, Ardeun offers a clear and distinct advantage over other suppliers and developers through our approach to a seamless and common authentication platform.

myBiometrix Patent Pending Bio-iWeb Interface® is at the heart of Ardeun Authenticator and supports multiple biometric devices including but not limited to Finger and Voice and Face recognition, and including our patent pending Secret Code technology, without being restricted to any one particular manufacture or device type. Therefore enabling a company to deploy various forms of Biometrics authentication within the same enterprise.

As such users can indeed have a range of devices which enables them to authenticate to applications (both Client and Web) and to networks.


Ardeun Authenticator

No more UserID's and Passwords to contend with

ROI is significant as traditionally implementing Biometric security within businesses or enterprise wide required measurable investment in Biometric hardware. Using the various already built solutions offered by Ardeun, or implementing one of our Bio3 Interface® SDK's, Biometrics security can be initially implemented using Voice with negligible cost. At the same time, various other users can be allocated a device such as a Finger scan device or Microphone for Voice recognition. The low entry cost of a Microphone enables immediate implementation with negligible training and implementation overheads.

When examining the future of commerce and communication on the Internet there remains one defining issue that will 'make or break' any web based endeavor : SECURITY. This issue must be dealt with before the Internet can truly fulfil it's revolutionary potential.

We offer the ability to identify and authorize all communication over the Internet and networks, completely protecting your money and information from fraud or hacking.

Ardeun BioiWeb is our state-of-the-art Internet Security system with no PIN's, passwords or possibility of fraud.

  • No unauthorized access to your network
  • No credit card of Internet fraud
  • No lost or stolen PIN's or cards
  • No help desk calls
  • Secure business-to-business and retail payment authentication
  • Simple, safe, and foolproof

Demands negligible expertise, and can be used from anywhere in the world


When a customer arrives at your login page they are presented with the Ardeun myBiometrix Scan Interface. They can either select from the range of authentication devices or modes available, or you may have preconfigured your application to request a particular type of scanning process.

The customer's scanned information is encrypted using a one-time encryption key generated by the encryption server. This scanned information is then sent to the Ardeun Biometric Data server for validation.

The resulting validation is determined by the Ardeun Biometric Data server based on the scan and any rules that might apply to this application, application page or user.
An encrypted response is sent to the Application Provider for this particular customer and the Application Provider can then react accordingly and direct the customer to the allowed page.


Ardeun Monitor

Ardeun Monitor is the server end Matching, Analysis and Rules engine that delivers uncompromising speed in matching of Voice Face Finger and other Biometric templates using proprietary matching algorithms and processes.
Ardeun Monitor is scaleable and has redundancy fail safe mechanism that enable 24/7 processing. Data is housed in secure SQL databases optimized for speed and comprehensive reporting, and can also be used with Oracle.
Because Ardeun is not device dependant a varying range of authentication devices can be used from various manufacturers.
Ardeun supports Finger, Face, Voice, BioSmartCard, and several other factors of authentication.
Ardeun is very easily integrated into any web site using ASP or PHP.
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