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Recognized worldwide as a leading Biometric Authentication Developer and Technology firm, Ardeun offers a clear and distinct advantage over other suppliers and developers through our approach to a seamless and common authentication platform.

Our proprietary Authentication Platform, developed over several years, is feature rich and second to none globally. It is so much more than simply a login mechanism.
  • authenticate users true identity
  • verify the source of the transaction
  • manage the transaction flow
  • record special identifiers such as Password, Drivers License etc
  • verify the user on a 100 point scale
  • enable multimodal scans
  • supports  Finger, Face, Voice, BioSmartcard
Fully Optioned Scan Interface
biometric voice recognition fingerprint and face recognition
EzyScan interface

Ardeun usues the Patent Pending myBiometrix Interface® called myBiometrix supports multiple biometric devices including but not limited to Finger, Voice, Face and BioSmartcard, and including our patent pending Secret Code technology, without being restricted to any one particular manufacture or device type, Therefore enabling a company to deploy various forms of Biometrics authentication within the same enterprise.

As such users can indeed have a range of devices which enables them to authenticate to applications (both Client and Web) and to networks.


No more UserID's and Passwords

ROI is significant as traditionally implementing Biometric security within businesses or enterprise wide, required measurable investment in Biometric hardware. Using the various already built solutions offered by Ardeun, whether via our managed service or internally, or implementing one of our Bio3 Interface® SDK's, Biometrics authentication can be initially implemented using Voice with negligible cost. At the same time, various other users can be allocated a device such as a Finger scan device or Microphone for Voice recognition. The low entry cost of a Microphone enables immediate implementation with negligible training and implementation overheads.

Biometric Scanner and Devices



Secugen biometric scanner









Today's consumers are demanding financial institutions, (and for that matter any organization of any size that provides a logon page to personal and business information), to deliver unquestionable security whilst maintaining an ease of use balance.

myBiometrix efficiently meets and exceeds these criteria and that of FFIEC, HIPAA and NCUA guidelines through our proprietary patented and patent-pending processes. myBiometrix is an intuitive comprehensive interface that addresses the needs of both Consumer and Provider in securing transacting online ;

•  Authenticating the consumer ( verifying who is accessing information by who they are, NOT what they have)

•  Verifying the providers site ( ensuring a Phishing episode is not being perpetrated ).

•  Confirming the source of the transaction ( originating PC )

In other words, all aspects of the transaction are secured.

myBiometrix leverages an array of foreground and background technology presented through an intuitive user interface that provides multi-factor “personal trait” authentication that meets and exceeds FFIEC and NCUA guidelines.

Surveys have confirmed consumers would gladly install a software component on their PC to ;

•  irrefutably authenticate themselves “personally” to a web site using traits including Finger and Voice Recognition

•  prevent others from falsely using the owners credentials to log on

•  eliminate the growing incidence of Phishing and Pharming attacks

•  eliminate Key Logger exposure as the keyboard is not used

•  eliminate the need to remember or write down pass-phrases

myBiometrix delivers on all fronts.

Furthermore the majority of these consumers would readily invest US$40-$60, in order to provide an elevated means of authentication such as Finger and Face recognition. myBiometrix authenticates through a range of methods including ;

•  Finger recognition

•  Voice recognition

•  Face recognition

•  Biometric Smart Card

•  Geometrical code

•  Others….

thereby facilitating multi-factor authentication, which is both seamlessly integrated and used.

myBiometrix provides a solution that enables 360 degree protection against online fraud. This mean that an institution can readily trigger an authentication process at any consumer touch-point throughout a transaction flow, and for that matter anywhere within a web site by simply adding a few lines of code to a web page.

Online Banking and associated online financial services that do not deliver security to the consumer by today's standards, or that offer cumbersome, difficult-to-use, or quasi security measures such as tokens and transparent methods, run the risk of alienating members and thus defeat the propose these services were designed to serve.

Furthermore, every transaction a user conducts online means one less activity for the financial institution to process manually. Thus anything which adversely impacts online user experience encourages users to perform activities through manual venues resulting again in a cost increase to infrastructure services.

As such, for Financial Institutions considering implementing strong multi factor authentication to meet the new FFIEC and NCUA guidelines, it is crucial that consideration be given to the real impacts of any new technology introduced to users over both the short and long term.

Whilst many technologies claim to deliver secure authentication, when viewed closely it is clear they are only part of the solution and do not identify the actual account owner. Worse still many solutions are more of a physiological and marketing approach to offsetting consumer concerns rather than delivering a practical solution. Tools such as hand held code generators, whilst certainly better than a password, can still be used by anyone in possession to gain access.

Flags raised by companies along the lines that consumers should not be required to install new software, or should not be asked to go through a registration process, or should not be expected to use extra hardware, are skirting the real issue in order to justify their inappropriate solutions which simply do not meet today's security challengers.

The myBiometrix framework designed and developed by Fiducia Biometrics Corp integrates seamlessly into web pages to provide a comforting user experience whilst delivering a highly secure means of both gaining access to information and assuring the access point is genuine.

On the delivery end, Financial Institutions and other Providers are able to track the physical source of the transaction (actual PC) as well as confirming where the transaction has been initiated. Whilst other companies make claims of IP tracking, which in reality can be readily masked, our various patents and patent-pending technology for encryption and data transfer processes enable more precise monitoring of the transaction source. Thereby providing elevated means of identifying and preventing fraudulent transactions.

Nothing of worth is free or simple. Services that are, provide hackers, scammers and other criminals with the opportunity they seek.

myBiometrix provides a real and viable alternative.

The benefits flowing from myBiometrix are extensive for both Consumer and Provider alike.

•  Irrefutable client authentication thus increased client comfort with conducting business online

•  touch-point placement of client authentication throughout a site

•  elimination of phishing related incidents

•  compliance with the FFIEC and NCUA guidelines

•  fewer password related support calls on the customer care center

myBiometrix is a scaleable solution that can be hosted by us as a Managed Service or run In-House. Delivering irrefutable authentication and security and monitoring mechanisms, whilst maintaining a practical usability balance, myBiometrix conveys a holistic approach that is a world leader in irrefutable Authentication and Verification.

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