Biometric Authentication and Security using Fingerprint recognition Face recognition Voice recognition

Ardeun Monitor

Ardeun Monitor is the server end Matching, Analysis and Rules engine that delivers uncompromising speed in matching of Voice Face Finger and other Biometric templates using proprietary matching algorithms and processes.
Ardeun Monitor is scaleable and has redundancy fail safe mechanism that enable 24/7 processing. Data is housed in secure SQL databases optimized for speed and comprehensive reporting, and can also be used with Oracle..
Because Ardeun is not device dependent, a varying range of authentication devices can be used from various manufacturers.
Ardeun supports Finger, Face, Voice, BioSmartCard, and several other methods of authentication.
Ardeun is very easily integrated into any web site using ASP or PHP.
Biometric Architecture

Ardeun is delivered as "Software as a Service" and thus being independently operated guarantees complete security.
When Data is transmitted between the User, Provider and Ardeun, it is Encrypted using AES 256 which is beyond that specified by the US Department of Defense. Encryption uses a one time only random Key data and thus no pattern can be determined by hackers, making this a fail safe method of data transfer. In addition we use SSL data ports.
One time AES Keys are used to secure Ardeun data streams thus making it impossible to hack data packets, because the keys cannot be probed or guessed.
Ardeun Monitor is operated across multiple Servers. If one server goes done, a back-up server from an alternative location is in Sync and takes over the processing.
Should any Ardeun servers malfunction the system automatically diverts to a parallel server.
There is no Limit to the Size of the Ardeun Monitor databases. As the system is designed to be Global and likewise designed to be Territorial based on Company and Location, nodes can be set up and expanded per territory or per organization and enterprise.
Ardeun Monitor will connect to most types of databases including ACCESS MS-SQL and Oracle.
        Thus Ardeun Monitor and Authenticator can be used an any environment from Small to Medium Business requiring secure authentication via a Managed Service, through to large scale Enterprise solutions requiring internal SQL or Oracle.
      Ardeun provides a complete Registration System to Providers to enable their Customers to simply and easily create an Account and to manage that account without creating any burden on the Provider end.
Ardeun delivers a range of Authentication options into an environment.
A specific authentication method can be deployed, or a combination of methods deployed for for a varying style and type of customer. This is all done transparently and with only a few lines of code imbedded into a web page.


Authentication Flow

Biometric Architecture

Authentication Process


When the customer arrives at your login page they are presented with the Ardeun Authenticator Verify control. They can either select from the range of devices or modes available, or you may have pre configured your application to request a particular type of scanning process.

Once the customer has scanned using the desired method (Finger or Face or Voice or BioSmartcard or any one of the other proprietary methods) the information is encrypted using a one time encryption key generated by our encryption server. The scanned information is then sent to the Ardeun Monitor server for validation.
A relevant outcome is determined by the Ardeun Monitor server based on the Scan and any Rules that might apply to this application, application page, or application user.
An encrypted response is sent to the Application Provider for this particular Customer and the Application Provider can then react accordingly and direct the customer to the allowed page.

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