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Ardeun, is a division of Fiducia Biometrics Corporation, which was founded in 1999 to Develop Innovative Biometric Solutions for both Corporate Enterprise and Small Business, and to market these solutions through a network of international Channel Partners.

The Ardeun is a key solution in our range of web site online Verification, Authentication and Financial processing solutions.

Recognized worldwide as a leading Biometric Technology firm, Fiducia Biometrics Corporation offers a clear and distinct advantage over other Biometric suppliers and developers through our approach to a seamless and common authentication platform, developed using our own proprietary technology.

ArdeunVerified is built on our myBiometrix Authentication Platform and supports multiple biometric devices in a Federated multimodal manner, including but not limited to;

  • Finger,
  • Voice
  • Face,
  • BioSmartCard,
  • Geometrical Plot
  • Others....

without being restricted to any one manufacture or device type. Thus we enable companies to deploy various forms of Biometrics authentication within the same environment.

As such users can indeed have a range of devices which enables them to authenticate to applications (both Client and Web) and to networks.

  • ROI is significant as traditionally implementing Biometric security within businesses or enterprise wide required measurable investment in Biometric hardware.
  • Using the various ready built solutions available from the various divisions, or implementing one of our Bio3 Interface® SDK's, Biometrics security can be initially implemented using Voice with negligible cost.
  • Negligible training and implementation overheads.

The low entry cost to implement high quality and highly proficient biometric applications enables any company to consider and implement this proven technology.

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  • Partner with select Global OEMs to distribute Product and Services
  • Develop best of breed Biometric Solutions and enable these through Channel Partners.
  • Partner with Corporations in a strategic alliance to develop business solutions
  • Develop quality Biometrically enabled Business Solutions for deployment.
  • Worldwide Marketing through Distributors & OEM
  • Brand Name Recognition -
  • Specific R&D on special projects

Ardeun was created to take state-of-the-art technologies and turn them into strategic business and consumer solutions that enable simple and practical day to day tasks. In particular we focus on ;

  • Web Authenticated Access,
  • User Data Privacy,
  • Home and Business Security.
  • Access Control Time Attendance.

Our solutions replace PINs, UserID's and Passwords with personal authentication based on individual Biometric templates such as Fingerprints, Face and Voice. They provide a dramatically stronger and more efficient means of ensuring security access by the rightful owner of the information being accessed.

    Office Locations

    Ardeun has offices and/or Channel Partners in ;

  • Australia
  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
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