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Ardeun is a proprietary solution developed and perfected over several years to deliver the most secure for of online Authentication and Identity protection.

myBiometrix is far more than a replacement for UserID and Password login. The patented and patent pending technology is both Business and Consumer friendly whilst embodying the latest in security and fraud protection methods. Authenticating an individual based on their personal traits such as face, finger and voice, whilst eliminating exposures to phishing.

Recognized worldwide as a leading Biometric Technology firm, Ardeun offers a clear and distinct advantage over other Biometric suppliers and developers through our approach to a seamless and common authentication platform, developed using our own proprietary technology.

The Patent Pending myBiometrix BioiWeb InterfaceŽ supports multiple biometric devices in a multimodal manner, including but not limited to Finger, Face, Voice, BioSmartCard.

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  What does the user interact with
  Once registered, the user is authenticated for any desired process via the myBiometrix ActiveX seen left which appears in a web browser screen. They simply click Scan and the process of identifying the individual is completely seamless. Within a couple of seconds assuming they are granted access, their authority is passed through to the initiating web site.
  Authentication can take place at any stage of a web site cycle, from Logon to transaction by transaction. For example verifying account changes, payment process and so on.
  How is Identity Fraud eliminated
  Once registered, the user is authenticated for any desired process via the myBiometrix ActiveX seen below. This is supported in both IE6, IE7 and Firefox (all versions).
  Verifying via a personal trait, a biometric scan, whether that be Face Finger Voice etc, leaves no question as to who the individuals true identity logging on, or performing a task that must be authorized personally.
  What does the user Registration process consist of
  myBiometrix supports several levels of security and thus several levels of user verification. Whilst a general logon site might be comfortable to offer a higher degree of security to their clients without the need to confirm individual identity at registration, a Bank for example would no doubt seek a 100 point method of sighting ID. myBiometrix accommodates the needs of any level of user registration verification.
  Registration is accomplished via a web page. All necessary information is recorded. This information can be accessed and verified by the implementing organization.
  Following this process the user is directed to download and install the myBiometrix Authentication module. This can be done on as many machines as the user may wish to install.
  myBiometrix is not IP address sensitive and thus avoids issues of "man in the middle" attacks. However proprietary technology does identify the originating and registered machine and transaction source thus delivering a heightened level of secure processing.
  What methods of logon identity supported
  Currently myBiometrix supports the following methods without being strung to any one particular device manufacturer.
  • Finger,
  • Voice
  • Face,
  • BioSmartCard,
  • Geometrical Plot
  • Others....
Face for example is highly accurate and uses the average home web came such as the Logitech 4000 or 5000 , whilst Voice recognition uses a simple noise canceling microphone. Finger recognition is achieved through the use of scanning module manufactured by several different companies.
  How is the service delivered
  There are several services offered which enable take up and deployment of myBiometrix within an organization. Deployment can be structured with no in cost to the organization when used for external clients.
  • Outsourced hosted service model - we provide all supporting infrastructure
  • In-house Managed service
  • In-house License
  Who Pays

There are several scenarios which can be modeled to suite different environments. In some cases there may be no real cost to the provider of the web site whilst others may have a nominal charge. Deciding criteria is reflected by the nature and volume of end users. Please check with the Sales Department for further information.

One example in a Banking environment is where a large external customer base exists. Here it may be preferable and more viable from a cost base perspective, and a to offer myBiometrix directly to the customer base as an optional authentication service. In this way the Bank is not exposed directly both from a cost to implement and a social cost to justify.

Taking this approach enables the Bank to provide a better means of security, whilst dispersing cost to implement. This approach also provides the users with a broader set of services outside of the Banks direct influence or interest and thus justifies the offering of myBiometrix as an add-on solution. This principal can be applied to any organization with a high volume of external clients.

Bottom line..... there my be no real implementation or ongoing cost to the web site provider.
  (subject to criteria).

  What are the main benefits to the Web Site / Organization
  • know who is accessing your registered user section
  • eliminate password sharing
  • protect revenue from membership logons
  • demonstrate to clients that you take data security seriously
  • attracting clients to a business that respects and ensures identity security
  What are the main benefits to the User / Customer
  • sense of secure access and personal authentication
  • knowing someone else cannot access their information
  • protection against identity theft
  • protection against transaction fraud
  • ability to view their access across many supporting sites
  • convenience of security without multiple complex passwords
  How is "Phishing" eliminated
  As part of the logging in process, which requires the user to authenticate themselves with the scanning of a personal trait, myBiometrix delivers to the user set of information which only the user would be aware of.

The combination of these two processes - initial login authentication, and returned information - clearly demonstrates to the user they are on the authentic web site.
  What Browsers are supported
  • Internet Explorer (IE)6, IE7, IE8
  • Firefox (version 3).
  • Maxthon.
  Identifying the source of the logon and transaction
  myBiometrix is not IP address sensitive as IP addresses can be easily masked, thus avoiding issues of "man in the middle" attacks and enables flexibility of use.

However, the proprietary technology does identify the originating and registered machine and transaction source thus delivering a heightened level of secure processing.
The user does have the option to restrict logon and transactions to a single or several PC's if they wish to further increase security. Thus the delivering organization has the control to monitor and restrict transactions from non verified sources.
  How is myBiometrix integrated into a web site
  With only a few lines of code, myBiometrix is easily integrated into any web page whether ASP or PHP. Security is paramount and the methods used to integrate and pass information are designed with security in mind.
  What Encryption standards are used

myBiometrix conforms to the latest encryption standards set by the Department Of Defense. All information and indeed fields are encrypted with DoD approved AES encryption.

An exhaustive security methodology has been implemented in keeping with the highest acceptable standards. All sensitive information is stored in a secure SQL database using the AES encryption algorithm which is certified and preferred by the Department Of Defense. Using a 3-tier architecture, access to database server is ONLY through the application layer using an authenticated connection, with all other data ports shut off.

  What else can myBiometrix do

myBiometrix is a comprehensive suite of tools and services built to grow with the most demanding of requirements.

Some of the many features include ;

  • user authentication
  • page by page authentication
  • transactions and process tracking and reporting
  • multiple device support
  • PC locking and transaction source control
  • payment gateway interfacing
  • and much more ....

  Can myBiometrix be licensed for internal use

Yes. Whilst the outsourced service is recommended as it offers many advantages to both the web site provider and the end user, licensing in any environment is available.

Contact for further information.

  What other applications / solutions are enabled with myBiometrix
  • myBioDesk - includes PC Logon, file & folder encryption, virtual hard drive, screen lock, more
  • myiWallet - multi user web site recorder and site logon
  • myBioAccess - access control time attendance
  • more ....

    Contact for further information.

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